This Isn’t About Mental Illness

Earlier this week, I was sent an article about the most relaxing songs according to neuroscience (written by Melanie Curtin), reportedly able to make women in the study doze off, and one capable of reducing anxiety in men and women by up to 65%. Honestly, this sounds too good to be true. As a first-year grad... Continue Reading →

Coupon Clipping (Are You Proud, Mom?)

I think about groceries a lot. Sometimes I honestly look around a room and think, "I maybe the only person here who doesn't hate Walmart." Any room. (In my defence, I'm partial to the Neighborhood Market rather than the Super Center, but that's neither here nor there.) There is something distinctly spiritual about grocery shopping,... Continue Reading →

Please Livestream Responsibly

Studio class: An hour a week (or more) when all the music students of one applied professor get together for performances, lectures, and presentations. I've been lucky to know studio class as a safe space. I've always been around such supportive flutists who really and truly want to see each other succeed, and give each... Continue Reading →


I'm approaching the 2-month mark since moving to Ohio, with little to show for it. By the time I reached this point in Denver last year, I went on several road trips, live performances, and met so many people Facebook keeps reminding me I friended a year ago. Flash forward 365 days: I'm sitting on... Continue Reading →

First Day Manifesto

Crippling self-doubt. Shouts into the void. Opening tabs and shutting them again. Stressful Netflix binge. Day one of a blogger who hates the term "blogger." What could I write about? What would anyone read? I am just another college grad pouring money into a site. I take photos on an iPhone and a Nikon point-and-shoot,... Continue Reading →

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